Crack - George Getson, Potency, Rudebwoy Roscoe (Music Video)

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Rudebwoy Roscoe is an American Artist signed to Regal Life Entertainment. He was born in Queens, New York but moved to Los Angeles, California after high school. In the summer of 2010, Rudebwoy was featured on the cover of Twiturm for most popular music. His parents were of mixed Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Jamaican ancestry, leaving him a diverse background. He attended Junior High School 231, where he played the keyboard, drums and guitar. He graduated from 231 in 2004 and attended High School in Jamaica, Queens. In high school he fell deeply into basketball and transferred to play at the 5th ranked team in the country in Connecticut. Though he was recruited to play in college, sadly he suffered from a devastating knee injury and hasn't played since. While living in California he is currently dorming at a college in the State of New York and is working on new material for his music career, while building his own Independent Label.

Rudebwoy Roscoe - In the Booth 2

Crack ft. George Getson & Potency

NO Cuff

Rudebwoy Roscoe - In The Booth

Get it On Ft. Potency

"The Road to Regal" (Preview)

Opens for Jim Jones in Brooklyn, New York

Pent House Life

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